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Golden Fever

2016 Dog Calendars

Add some life to your lifestyle with our
2016 dog calendars.

Each calendar is loaded with amazing images from the world's finest photographers.

Every wall and box calendar, in all your favorite titles, are available and ready to
ship Immediately!






Prints and Posters

Our delightful motivational prints add new life to your home or office and are a very economical solution for the animal loving decorator.

Each colorful, high-quality print makes a statement about your individuality and love for animals.

At $12.95 for the unframed print, they're one of the greatest values in American-made art.

Greeting Cards

Inspire your friends and family on all occasions with these unique motivational greeting cards.

All of our 5" x 7" greeting cards are expertly printed on high-grade card stock with a protective aqueous top coat.

Each card features a unique dog image combined with an inspirational quote, humorous sentiment, or specific message for an occasion.

There are one dozen cards with a matching number of envelopes.






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Ultimutt's dog books are written by popular, knowledgeable authors and feature the amazing work of award-winning photographers.

General dog books depict the irresistible behavior of dogs at work, at home, and at play. Dog breed books afford an in-depth look into what makes your favorite pet special.

Training books will help you optimize the performance of your sporting dog, or help survive the wilds of you home or city.

Humor books are witty, warm and revealing.